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100 Greatest Song Bridges of the 21st Century: Hung Up

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How It Starts: "I can't keep on waiting for you"

The Part You Definitely Remember: Is there a more Ciccone-esque couplet than the BDE of "Don't cry for me, 'cause I'll find my way/ You'll wake up one day, but it'll be too late"?

Why It Works: Some bridges serve as a breather before a soaring chorus, but Madonna and co-producer Stuart Price know that when you're crafting a club classic, you can't leave the listener hanging on the dancefloor without a beat. This bridge keeps up the throbbing energy, throwing just enough of a melodic curveball that when the chorus swings back around, it's a seamless transition from an 8.5 to a 10 on the Disco Inferno scale.


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