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BTS McDonald's meal: People are reselling paper bags, boxes & cups for as high as $200

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The BTS-themed fast-food packaging is so in-demand that people are now reselling paper bags, boxes, drink cups, and sauces associated with the meal on eBay — and in some cases, they're going for more than double what the actual meal costs in stores. 

The BTS meal offers a 10- or 9-piece nugget (depending on the market), medium french fries, a medium Coke, and new Sweet Chili and Cajun sauces. It cost $9.68 when purchased by this Insider reporter in New York City in the medium size, while Insider's Erin McDowell reported that the meal cost $12.29 from her local McDonald's in the large size.

For many fans, though, the packaging of the meal itself is the main collectible item. One TikTok user posted a video about a friend trying to wash the grease off of her bag, as many users have posted about turning elements of the packaging into preserved collectible items.

Meanwhile, on eBay, one posting shows a slightly grease-stained BTS Meal bag on sale for $80, plus shipping. Another listing with no bids shows a bag and both sauces on sale for $200, while yet another offering from Australia shows a white, BTS-themed nugget box and both sauces on sale for approximately $193, though no bids have been placed on that listing yet.

Some eBay sellers are also offering the Sweet Chili and Cajun sauces (in one case, two of each sauce were being sold for $24.95).


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13 minutes ago, Atlantis Princess said:

Why pay for an already used bag when you can just get another new meal all for yourself laughcry1 and it's literally a usual bag with a logo printed on it

It's only available at limited stores, my closest one being one of them



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50 minutes ago, mylifelies said:

I told you people were excited over the bags rip2 (but apparently boxes and cups as well)

Oh yeah, well, I wasn't expecting them to be like.. $200 excited rip2

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The sweet chili sauce is so good tho I’ve already gotten two orders just to stock pile the extra sauce I don’t use brit3


I don’t even like BTS I’m just a stoner dead2


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Wtf  If you pay that amount for a paper bag or box from McDonalds you have way too much money (or fucked up priorities).

McDonalds saw how thirsty BTS fans are for their "music" and said hold on lemme get in on that quick cheque 


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