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Billie Eilish | Lost Cause | June 2, 2021

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This doesn't excite me unfortunately. I feel like the songs will go great together in the complete album but as little droplets they honestly don't do much for me.

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I see what sound she is shifting to - more guitar, less electronic and a little more soulful and little less pop. I definitely welcome it but it is a little more "bland" than her debut's unique sound. 

Will see how the album all flows together but I haven't had the urge to replay any of the singles so far. Honestly my favorite release by her since 2019 has been My Future and she hasn't really topped that unfortunately. 

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2 hours ago, Urbi said:

Also the way she moved on to new single already pfff jj3 

Your Power is plummeting down the charts, it's not as if it could have been a sustained hit anyway jj3

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ok this is very chill/smooth and very easy to listen to, which im kinda loving. At first, I thought “thats it?” but before i knew it, id played it like 10 times non stop dead2 

this and my future are IT. The other 2 are not

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