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Tyler the Creator apologizes to Selena over offensive old tweets

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Tyler, the Creator has apologised to Selena Gomez for a series of controversial tweets he made about the singer 10 years ago.

The rapper sent a series of explicit messages to the singer, including one which saw him state: “I just want to fuck Selena Gomez in her fucking mouth.”, which caused Tyler to face a ban from the site. On ‘Manifesto’, taken from Tyler’s new album ‘Call Me If You Get Lost’, he raps: “I was a teener, tweetin’ Selena crazy shit. Didn’t wanna offend her, apologise when I seen her. Back when I was tryna fuck Bieber, Just-in.”

Tyler, who is close friends with Bieber, also previously admitted that he wasn’t a fan of Gomez – who memorably dated the singer until 2018. “No, we don’t like each other,” Tyler admitted. “‘Cause, you know like kicking it with Justin, that’s my homeboy – she always be mean mugging me. Like why are you hating on me?”

Gomez is yet to respond to the track.


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Some of his older tweets directed towards Selena:



In 2019, Tyler's Twitter account was temporarily suspended over one of the tweets.




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The tweets were certainly gross but like many have said, it was 10 years ago and this is (from what i've heard) not the first time he's apologized for it, just the first time publicly. It's clear he doesn't look back on the tweets with fondness and recognizes that he was in the wrong. 

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