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5 minutes ago, Reincarnation said:

I had a couple choices for Summer, too, and I couldn’t decide which to send. The one I ended up sending was literally just because it was very bright and windy with the ocean behind it. And then the watermelon set it over~

In all honesty, it was really the watermelon that did it for me jj2

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16 hours ago, Starboy said:

Glad you like them!

So on mother nature, I loved that one too but I was scared I’d get points deducted since it wasn’t technically outside.

I didn’t go with the Ad Campaign one because it didn’t really show her face and I assumed you guys wanted it included for it to be taken seriously. The Summer one I have no excuse for, she had a lot of good pictures for that photoshoot but I went with the other one because she was smiling and happy in it, which to me was more “summery”.

Yeah I can definitely understand your concerns, I would definitely have pointed out the half-face for Ad Campaign dead2 I don't know if that picture would have lifted you out of the Bottom 3 position in that round. The Mother Nature one though would have placed you firmly in my Top 2 at the very least. She might not be outside, but she seemed like she was literally embodying Mother Nature and becoming the planet itself, and that would have won you a lot of points from me. brit16

But well, you won the season regardless, so clearly you did the right things!


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