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Why is "Smile" disliked?

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Hi Katykats, I wanted to have a conversation about the mixed to negative reception of Smile. I personally love the album and it's message. I was bawling when I heard "Only Love" and I prefer it over Witness. 

So, how do you feel about the album?


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2 hours ago, Euglena50 said:

I never understood why people disliked Smile. It was and is such a great album, and personally I think it is one of Katy's best albums to date! All the songs are amazing!

Yes, it's in my top 3 for my rankling of Katy's albums! 

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I think Katy hit her peak in many people’s eyes with Teenage Dream. It was the perfect pop album and she can’t keep remaking that album like people want so anything after that is just a disappointment to people. Prism was successful because people still liked that brand of pop. A lot of pop songs these days have influences of trap music or now punk is making a comeback. The pop sound she was accustomed to doesn’t seem to be as well received these days. If she does something different like Witness and change her sound to try and meet trends people don’t like it and when she tries to re create songs poppier it’s just not as good as Teenage Dream so therefore she will be excused of trying and failing to re create that sound. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like she can win :( 

I hope she can have her folklore moment where after Taylor peaked in the public eye with 1989 she had to disappear for a while and was unable to have a universally acclaimed album again until Folklore. I don’t know if a genre switch like this would be well perceived but one thing is for sure the general public are not responding to her upbeat pop songs as well as she would hope.

I also think the singles/rollout for the era were all wrong the lead should have been Cry About it Later a few months after Never Really Over which was a song that did see a little chart success. Choosing Daisies as the lead single as cute of a song as it is was a mistake to me. I do like Katy and I hope she will be able to find her place in the ever changing current landscape of pop music. 

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On 9/1/2021 at 10:40 AM, KimTaeyeon said:

It's good tbh


but some people said they hated the asthetics of the album, some said her being pregnant didn't help, daisies es the first single was a terrible choice, the droplets hurt the album 


many things 

Yes yes many many things.

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I very much love this album.  I love why it was made, I love it's message, and to me it's an album that is quintessential Katy Perry.


It's been a little over a year and I still smile as I listen to it all the way through.  It has such an uplifting and euphoric charm that I don't think people are open to.  


Either way though, this is a highlight in Katy's discography and criminally underrated.

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