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The AGUILERA Era | Charts 'n Stats!

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It's actually doing great on Youtube antm1

3 hours ago, ISlayForX said:

Her fans are like very ignorant in many things. Streaming being one of those things. 

No, I think it's just that her core fanbase is older.

Gen Z is the streaming generation, and most of them barely even know who she is.

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34 minutes ago, Daddy Barlow said:

I like that the MV views are getting 1M views per day, now we only need 100 days to make it go 100M bey11

This is gonna blow up eventually all it is missing is a live performance that the US latinos tune in to watch and it is game over. 

Becky has been reposting tiktok challenges so we are coming yasss

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the video was also the most liked Spanish video today with 27,000 new likes, this means new people are watching and liking it.


if the song rises on Spotify today like it did yesterday things might actually be looking up!


Fall In Line did 6.7 million first week this might do 8 million so that’s good!

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For some reason many artists struggle with Spanish EPs lol   

No need to freak out over a non-English EP (with no physical release) not doing well. Yes we all expected more but streaming is not her friend and many artists release EPs that don’t chart.   

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