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House of Gucci PANNED!

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37 minutes ago, WarrenThanksYouAll said:

MC / Rotten 


Desperately Seeking Susan - 71 / 84% 

Dick Tracy - 68 / 63% 

A League of Their Own - 67 / 79% 

Bonus: Truth or Dare - 87% 



House of Gucci - 60 / 63% 


Not below some movies of the worst actress of the century! 



House Of Gucci was 66%. Can you even read? And besides, Gaga is the actor Madonna only dreams she could ever be you know ayumi1

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Why care what a critic says? I don’t need a critic to tell me what’s good and what’s not. I’m going to the movies this week to see it for myself and will make up my own opinion about it.

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I don't think panned means what you think it means.

Well. Well. Well… https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/house_of_gucci  

Yeah, 61-70% it’s kind of mediocre. Below 60% it's officially rotten.

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