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Atlantis Princess

"All Too Well" falls out of the top 10 after 2 weeks

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Just now, Atlantis Princess said:

Brenda Lee has more impact and staying power than Taylor in 2021 oh wow 

Fadlor Swift can't even chart at Christmas, she truly is over. 

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11 minutes ago, Mario Spears said:

we love to see it LOL ny6ny6

Worry about your fave Ciara staying in the charts when she can't even stay in FOTP games without being beaten by reality TV stars like Gemma Collins. 

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This happens with all her recent singles. Her mentally ill fanbase mass buys and arranges streaming parties in the 10s of thousands on multiple devices to shoot her to the top spot, and then the single drops like a boulder in the next few weeks. She hasn’t had a genuine hit single since like Reputation era, immensely fabricated success. 
Meanwhile, Slaydele is holding strong against the biggest song of all time. Taylor stans continue to lose like the cretins they are. clap3

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