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TikTok to launch delivery-only service

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TikTok is partnering with Virtual Dining Concepts (VDC) to launch TikTok Kitchens, a delivery-only service that will cook up some of the trendiest recipes on the app, first reported by Bloomberg. TikTok and VDC will reportedly open around 300 locations across the US to start, but plan on expanding to around 1,000 by the end of 2022.

TikTok Kitchens will operate out of existing restaurants, including chains owned by VDC co-founder Robert Earl, such as Buca di Beppo and Bertucci’s. It’s essentially a ghost kitchen service, but unlike some companies in this niche, VDC’s kitchens don’t appear to operate out of satellite, trailer-converted kitchens in parking lots. As the VDC’s description of the service notes, TikTok Kitchens will make use of a restaurant's existing kitchen and employees but will provide the training, food packaging, and TikTok-sourced recipes.

To keep things fresh, the menu will rotate quarterly, given how fast viral content comes and goes on the platform. Bloomberg says that the menu will initially feature the viral baked feta pasta — which was apparently the most-searched recipe on Google in 2021 — air-fried strips of corn known as corn ribs, the crispy, cheese-covered pasta chips, as well as the smash burger. The creators who inspired the recipes on the menu will receive part of the proceeds, as noted by the press release.


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I mean it's a pretty good idea but I hope they'll actually do their research to see who actually came up with the recipes. The original creators of TikTok trends usually don't blow up as much as they should've due to people not crediting them, and this usually involves white creators doing a trend created/started by POC creators. This is very notably visible with dance trends for example, many of which were actually started by Black creators. 

It's the same with the food trends, quite a lot of them are copied/heavily inspired by works of Asian creators. Due to the language barrier, it's harder to track until they've blown up big. Take the Dalgona Coffee trend for example, it actually started in Korea and had been big in Asia for a while before it blew up on TikTok with hardly any recognition for the Korean/Asian creators who popularized it. Not long after, a white woman-owned company claimed to have invented it and ripped off the design of the original packaging (x). And the list goes on.

Now with this it's the same thing; the proceeds might end up going to the wrong people.

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