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#1s of 2021 Megarate (Billboard Hot 100)

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27 minutes ago, Chris Morlock said:

"at least one song should have a 10"

"I will not accept your submission if multiple songs have "10" ranking"


That should've said only one. I'll fix it later lol3

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8 hours ago, max said:

I‘m pretty sure I already did this. ari9

Then don't do it again.


9 hours ago, Chris Morlock said:

only one ten? isnt it usually only one eleven? lol3 

Yeah but I'm different UwU

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10 hours ago, max said:

Yeah, that’s one way of saying „Sorry I forgot to tag you in the participants list“, I guess… 

Oh I thought I tagged you. Sorry about that. I need to organize my shit better.

2 hours ago, Urbi said:

The random drags lmfao1 

It's what I deserve tbh bebe1

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Hey everyone! The reason there wasn't a results show last week was because there was a bit of a hold up with the results and also cause I was a bit busy. I'm gonna move forward with the Results show in about three hours (9pm GMT). If there's still any interest in this and you guys can make it then let me know.


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