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Albums with only one good song?

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Justice and Changes tbh. The only song on Changes I genuinely liked was Get Me with Kehlani. On Justice, I only truly like Peaches and it was only because of Giveon.

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2 hours ago, ajp said:

Million Reasons, only gaga12


Out of all the actually bearable songs on Joanne you picked this lame and tired song. It's literally one of the worst.

My choices:

Shakira - El Dorado (Chantaje)
Tove Lo - Ladywood (Cool Girl)
Christina Aguilera - Lotus (Your Body)
Janet Jackson - 20 Y.O. (Enjoy)
Janet Jackson - Discipline (Feedback)
Kelis - Kelis Was Here (Little Star)
Lana Del Rey - Chemtrails Over the Country Club (White Dress)
Madonna - Madame X (Crazy)

There aren't exclusively TERRIBLE songs on these albums but the songs I listed are the only above average songs in my opinion.

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3 hours ago, Slayty Perry said:

Paradise by Lana del Rey. The only good song is Cola

Blatant lies oprah8 

3 hours ago, Skyline said:

Ride? katy4 Gods & Monsters? katy4 Bel Air? katy4

The entire thing is flawfree katy4 



MDNO - Gang Bang is the only good song mad2

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Xtina - Lotus - Your Body



P!nk - Beautiful Trauma - Secrets




9 minutes ago, Chris Morlock said:

MDNO - Beautiful Killer is the only good song mad2

Fixed it

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Just now, Slayty Perry said:

I honestly don't understand how you can listen to a Lana del Rey album and not feel disgusted with yourself

Why disgusted? 

She has more than enough talent to justify her (successful and influential) career.

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5 minutes ago, Slayty Perry said:

Well I listened to the Paradise EP obviously and I also listened to Born to Die and most of Blue Banisters. That's more than enough for me to judge her music

That's two albums and an EP out of eight main releases. 

So no that's not enough. 

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1 minute ago, Slayty Perry said:

Well is there any difference in sound between those and her other albums?

Born to Die and Paradise are more mainstream pop than the rest.
Lust for life (while it's generally regarded as we worst album Among stans) is sorta hip hop influenced. Norman Fucking Rockwell is her most acclaimed album (as it should!).
Ultraviolence is heavily regaurded as her best as it should.  It's much less pop and more ballady/live instrumentation.
Blue Banisters is my second fav album after her pre major label career album Lana Del Ray aka Lizzy Grant.
Aka is magical. 
Honeymoon is mostly slow/ballads but the vocals are supreme. 

Throughout her career, she's released songs that were original recorded in other album cycles. 

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