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Drake Launches Candle Collection

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No, Really nicki5


Nothing was the same after Drake dropped this candle collection.


The rapper has collaborated with Shoppers Drug Mart to put out a line of fancy new candles just in time for Mother’s Day.


There are five signature scents in the Better World Fragrance House candle collection that will be available at over Canadian 200 store locations.


And quite interestingly, the smells are “based on five personal memories of the famous Canadian artist.”

Products started hitting the shelves on April 30.

If you pick them up, your home will be smelling like Club Paradise while you soak in the scents of Carbs Musk, Sweeter Tings, Williamsburg Sleepover, Muskoka, and Good Thoughts.

Carby Musk layers “sweet, velvet powdery musks along with musks of soft floral, amber, and marine connotations,” according to a public statement on the new line.

Sweeter Tings is “a nostalgic and addictive fragrance with subtleties of comfort and goodness,” including notes of Italian citrus and wood from Haiti and North America. 

“Floral rose and Iris from Europe exemplifies the connectivity of storytelling through scent,” says the statement.


Williamsburg Sleepover is floral and woody, capturing the essence of “an urban garden under shaded lights.”

“The red roses, succulent blond woods and warm luminous ambers combine for a story of freedom and sensuality,” says the statement, adding Indonesian patchouli and Ylang Ylang from Madagascar “emanate confidence and intimacy for seduction in a candle.”

A warm and woody fragrance meant to recreate the feeling of sitting around a campfire, Muskoka “captures the smouldering warmth of burning woods and golden embers.” You can enjoy lovely notes of cloves and sandalwood.


Finally, Good Thoughts is floral, made with Brazilian oranges, Canadian fir trees, Bulgarian roses, and Australian sandalwood.

The designs on the containers are simple and clean, labelled in what looks like thick, gold marker pen.

“Drake is a Canadian icon, and we’re an iconic Canadian retailer. It’s the perfect pairing,” says Gwennaëlle Varnier, Vice President, Prestige Beauty, Shoppers Drug Mart. 

“From trending celebrity cosmetic collections and cleaner beauty lines, to global emerging beauty brands, we’re building our beauty department to be a go-to destination for beauty lovers in Canada.”


Matte Babel, Chief Brand Officer at DreamCrew — one of Drake’s ventures into management and entertainment — said the release of the candle line was a “full-circle moment.”

“Drake and I are both excited and honoured that Better World Fragrance House is now available where we shopped as kids,” he said.

Shoppers Drug Mart

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Just now, ajp said:

There aren’t giving a price, so you know they are expensive eve1

I was just about to say..


There are five scents to choose from, Carby Musk, Good Thoughts, Muskoka, Sweeter Tings, and Williamsburg Sleepover. These candles will cost you a pretty penny, hitting $62 each, while Carby Musk is almost double that, priced at $103.

That money? For a CANDLE!? nicki5 

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5 minutes ago, Snow said:

I was just about to say..

That money? For a CANDLE!? nicki5 

At that price, he can quit his day job at Shoppers Drug Mart eve1


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