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Round Three: The "Disco Night" trinity

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1 minute ago, Mr. Mendes said:



Pls all this whining and for what

For some genres, the classics are the classics for a reason. Beyond that, this is about a TRINITY, three songs that work together to form a solid whole. It’s not enough to pick 3 good songs, you gotta pick 3 good compliments and some of y’all do not. 

Y’all whine about the judges being too into subversive picks then when they finally spring for some of the more basic stuff that’s suddenly also an issue nicki5

Just take the L 

Pls I'm just writing in this thread to entertain and make some jokes, I could very well just stay quiet and watch everything. 

Why would there be the use of an audience then nicki5

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1 minute ago, Kristina said:

I feel like people who write a lot do it to make up for the lack of cohesiveness in their trinity but that’s just me true1 

Literally. “I wanted to show how disco evolved through years but in the same time maintained the same formulas. Even though my picks might sound completely out of ass and not cohesive at all. Grass is green. Sky is blue. I don’t know what I’m doing and I’m completely not creative enough” true1 

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Just now, Atlantis Princess said:

No... it's literally in the recommend rules...

But I guess it's recommend and we don't have to respect that rule true1

Recommended =/= required true1 

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3 minutes ago, Kristina said:

Golden: Freaky

Safe: Lynk, Chris

Flop: Billie, Mario

4 minutes ago, V For Vendetta said:

Top - Freaky Prince


Safe - Mario | Lynk


Bottom - Chris | Billie Frank

5 minutes ago, Feoba said:

Lynk (I assume) had a great entry so I'm going to say it'll be in the flop trinity 


6 minutes ago, Mario Spears said:

Lynk safe

me and Freaky Prince safe

Billie and Chris idk

7 minutes ago, Atlantis Princess said:

Lynk in golden trinity 

Billie frank and Chris in flop trinity 

Locking these guesses! Let me know if I missed anyone kylie3




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2 minutes ago, Atlantis Princess said:

No... it's literally in the recommend rules...

But I guess it's recommend and we don't have to respect that rule true1

But some people write just to write. I’ve written something for my two first entries but if there’s nothing to add there just isn’t. Recommended doesn’t mean mandatory.

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Time is over!

Up next is one of the remaining two people that are safe (that is neither Golden or Flop Trinity)..
Coming in 10th Place is..


Billie Frank
(aka "India")

Spiller - "Groovejet (If This Ain't Love)"
Kylie Minogue - "Love At First Sigth"
Chaka Khan - "Fate"



 I was super hyped for this. Great tune, great tune and ... a bit of a let down. I'm still gonna judge it as a whole and all I can say is... it's ok! Maybe it's me and I don't get the vibe but it just could be a lot better.

 I don’t totally dig the patchwork style, one sentence per song to explain your storyline thing and the justification almost seems mad lib level, this might even be the only entry where the elaboration comes close to actually hurting my opinion of it. Normally, I would ignore that and pretend you just said nothing because I think it’s a decent trinity and I quite like the first song you posted which I hadn’t heard before, but as this is a very difficult round to rank I will have to take that into account.


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@max @Lynk @Mario Spears Max, Lynk and Mario Spears, you are all unfortunately facing elimination

I bet Snow is glad with this outcome because he won't have to beg Mario anymore to post his trinity 

Send your entries! The sooner the better!!!     

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