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Round Three: The "Disco Night" trinity

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3 minutes ago, Freaky Prince said:

this fucking bitch


2 minutes ago, Billie Frank said:

Those are such basic obvious picks though. 


1 minute ago, Atlantis Princess said:

Judges going from wanting obscure songs to stanning for the most obvious quick picks nicki3

Omg let me breathe I am just as surprised as everyone else 

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Coming up next is..

8th Place


V for Vendetta
(aka "Charlie")

Dan Hartman - "Instant Replay"
The Weeknd - "Take My Breath"
Chaka Khan - "I'm Every Woman"

Ranked Top 2 by Dennis



These song choices... I don't know. Seperately, they're all great but they just don't make a cohesive entry in my ears. Props for sticking to the theme though.

Dennis ()
 Very nice picks and an interesting cycle back to the same year in the 70s for your first and last song. I always appreciate some elaboration on the choices too!


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The next person to be safe is..

9th Place


(aka "Hotel")

Michael Jackson - "Thriller"
Hot Blood - "Soul Dracula"
The Immortals - "The Ultimate Warlord"



 It's a slippery slope from here. Started off great and then with every next song it got only worse.

 A very cool, unique and personally appealing trinity.


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@max @Lynk @Mario Spears Max, Lynk and Mario Spears, you are all unfortunately facing elimination

I bet Snow is glad with this outcome because he won't have to beg Mario anymore to post his trinity 

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