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Top Answer Game 2022 | Round Four - Results show

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Just now, Snow said:

Babes you copied my "Rather Be" answer then edited it to "Black Widow".. you do realize mods can see that right? nicki5

ugh yes

Just now, Billie Frank said:

The only thing you've been robbed of is a one way ticket to Afbanistan. 



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1 minute ago, Kristina said:

7. What’s the first thing you do after getting home from a long day at school/work?
Nap/Rest/Sleep - 8
Bathe/Shower - 3
Eat - 2
Masturbate - 1
Take clothes off - 1
Have a good sneak, rest for an hour, watch TV and listen to your favourite songs. - 1
Wash my face to refresh from heat outside, yes I do! - 1


Oh I'm TANKING tanking

On a side note y'all are NASTY for going right to bed after a long day
Shower first!

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8. Which drink tastes best on a hot summer day?
Water - 5
Lemonade - 3
Iced tea - 2
Cocktail - 2
White Ace - 1
Mojito - 1
Strawberry and orange spritz - 1
Cola - 1
Soda - 1


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Just now, V For Vendetta said:


Ugh thank you to the 1 other person that said "cocktail" oprah14 

I actually had Iced Tea at one point too lol3 

That was me..
T for Taste indeed, can't say the same about some of y'all here

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