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Round Four: The "Power" Trinity

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Amanda Laura
(aka "Echo")

Katy Perry - "Roar"
Christina Aguilera - "Fighter"
Britney Spears - "Stronger"

Urbi ranked this in last place.
 Fletch ranked this Bottom 2.



Urbi ()
I’m sorry but this just feels lazy. Songs don’t mesh well together. At ALL.

 It’s a good trinity, but I feel like it may have been tied together a bit more had you chosen a different song other than Roar closer in time and feel to the other two. But it’s still enjoyable!

Fletch ()
These are amazing pop songs. But this entry is really… standard. Roar simply doesn’t hit nearly as hard as the other two, and I think Stronger is the best one here and there were plenty of opportunities to make a trinity solely surrounding picking yourself back up and self worth. Creativity was clearly not a strong suit here.


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Just now, Snow said:



Equals =
(aka "Bravo")

Cody Frost - "(I should) take better care"
twenty one pilots - "Chlorine"
My Chemical Romance - "Cancer"

Dennis ranked this in last place.


  Reveal hidden contents

First song is great, second - ok, third - a bit meh. I think I’m a bit confused when it comes to the concept in here - is this about mental health? Third song sticks out a bit. Overall a decent entry. 

Dennis ()
 This is one where I really would’ve liked to hear what you were going for, because I’m not sure I get it. I think I MAY have a faint clue of how this could translate to power, but even then I feel like I’m being generous. I like MCR and that song, but what is the fit here? The twenty one pilots is probably the ringer here for the theme but even then it’s pretty faint to me.

An empowering trinity about mental health. As someone who’s currently struggling; some of these songs resonate with me on a personal level. However, I think this runs into an issue of putting two different narratives (Chlorine & Cancer) together and expecting it to work. I wouldn’t say it’s detrimental; but there is an overarching theme of suicide in this trinity, and it’s a different take on the theme of using music and writing to overcome these emotions. However I do find this a creative way to convey the theme.


Oh shit (2) ari7

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1 minute ago, Mr. Mendes said:

Kendrick Lamar was correct you are all faggots. 

Given the conversation surrounding that one song on his album, this kinda sent me ngldead2

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@Kristina & @V For Vendetta


Name them:

1. Name one male singer who has served as a judge/coach on The Voice US.

2. Name the female singer who is original writer & singer of "I Will Always Love You".

3.  Name the actress who won an Oscar for Best Actress in 2017.

You must answer all 3 correctly.


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2 minutes ago, Atlantis Princess said:

Fletch being the only one to know what the trinity is about...big brain

I tried to be very big brained on this round… I even looked up lyrics and stuff to try and see themes in people’s trinities ari8 it was fun actually 

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