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Round Four: The "Power" Trinity

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1 minute ago, Fletch said:

I tried to be very big brained on this round… I even looked up lyrics and stuff to try and see themes in people’s trinities ari8 it was fun actually 

This is why you're the best judge


@Urbiand @Dennis Reynolds You two are good as well.


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1 minute ago, V For Vendetta said:

adam levine

dolly parton

emma stone

Congrats @V For Vendetta!
You have been granted the power of immunity



Equals =


Freaky Prince


Amanda Laura

One of them is Safe.
Two of them are in the Flop Trinity

You may choose to grant immunity to one of these players, which will ensure they go towards the next round.
However, only the last-ranked player will be eliminated. For example, if you gave immunity to the safe or the second lowest-ranked player, then nothing will change. But if you grant the immunity to the last-ranked player, they will be saved and proceed to the next round.

Or, you may also choose to forfeit your power and exchange it for a slightly larger bonus points, which will be applied to you for the next two rounds. Of course, bonus points doesn't mean immunity; if you bomb hard, you are still subject to elimination.

Make your decision in the next 10 minutes.

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1 minute ago, Atlantis Princess said:

Umm okay so what now

Have you heard the Harry Styles album? It’s very average true1

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