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Round Four: The "Power" Trinity

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13 minutes ago, Snow said:

YES! I managed to get my internet back about 16 (?) hours ago brit16 

That's great! I can't wait for the results show to be over in 10 minutes eve1

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We are starting!
And before we start.. this round is actually a special twist round, and it's all about POWER.

First thing you'll want to know.. is that this is a double elimination week.
That's right! I've told you that this is not a round that you'll want to lack Power in. The first elimination of the round will happen very shortly. For some of you, the show will last about 10 minutes indeed!

Second twist that we have going is with the bonus questions.
The prize for winning the bonus questions this round is the chance to save a trinity (immunity). Mechanics for this will be explained before the first bonus question is posted.

It's certainly not a round you'll want to miss.


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Let's start off with the first player to be safe. In 4th Place is..


(aka "Foxtrot")

Halsey - "Nightmare"
Bebe Rexha - "I'm Gonna Show You Crazy"
Miley Cyrus - "Mother's Daughter"

Urbi & Dennis ranked this Top 3.



Nightmare is such a snatch Jesus. Good and cohesive trinity! Positively surprised here!

  I was really digging the first track and when the second song started I was initially thinking the ball was dropped because it kinda grinded the whole thing to a halt at the beginning, but it really picks up and becomes clear how it fits into this quickly, and the third is also a nice conclusion.

Nightmare is such a banger and Halsey was in her entire bag when she wrote this song. I love songs where women empower themselves through a stance of having enough of society and being done with the negative connotations attached to behaviours that men can do and be let off the hook. 


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