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Top Answer Game 2022 | Final Round - Results show

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Just now, Shego said:

Chris morlock eve1

Nah he’s definitely put the Eartha Kitt song. He’s obsessed with her atm. 

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2 minutes ago, Dennis Reynolds said:

Said Stronger, figured people would play to Kristina's taste here bebe1 

I thought you meant the Kelly Clarkson song dead2

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13. Name an artist that uses social media actively to promote their music
Lil Nas X - 4
Taylor Swift - 3
Nicki Minaj - 1
Austin Mahone - 1
Justin Bieber - 1
Gaga - 1
Dua Lipa - 1
Ariana - 1
Madonna - 1
Wonho, the king of my soul and b****h**e! - 1


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2 minutes ago, Dennis Reynolds said:

I sincerely stamped my foot like a child throwing a tantrum for two seconds nicki5 

Have you gotten any bonus points at all this season? dead2 

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