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Top Answer Game 2022 | Final Round - Results show

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1 minute ago, Snow said:

Amy Schumer is one of the least funny people on earth so the bar isn't very high true1 and THAT'S my top answer

I know lol. That’s the point true1

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1 minute ago, Kristina said:

So sorry this took 2 hours btw dead2 It was a lot, and my internet flopped for the first time like ever.

@Snow if you want to gift the VIP to someone let me know.

@V For Vendetta do you want it? You're the top performing one that doesn't already have a VIP jj2

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2 hours ago, Kristina said:

11. Name the smartest FOTP member
Mr. Mendes - 4
Snow - 4

Mario Spears - 2
Darth Sidious - 2
Chris - 1
Urbi - 1
Billie Frank - 1


KLMJKNHBJKJNL omg thank you guys?? I voted for Sidious but I should've gone for snow dammnit

2 hours ago, Lynk said:

@Mr. MendesYour essays are truly a site to behold. Shame no one reads them.

I will cut you bitch

1 hour ago, Kristina said:



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1. @Snow - 357 points


This is well deserved, you've done pretty great every round and have been present every results show to snatch bonus points. Thanks for participating!


That means in 2nd place we have..

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2. @Mr. Mendes - 351 points

Congrats! You've scored high every round and have been present for most results shows to snatch some bonus points. If you were here today maybe you'd even win, you were so close! Thanks for participating!


Congrats @Snow!!! I wanted to badly to be here today but alas I was not somewhere that I was able to participate. Very well deserved winner! 


@Kristina Thank you so much for hosting! This was so, so much fun and you hosted so beautifully. Cannot wait to play again when a new season arrives! 

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4 hours ago, Kristina said:

We'll find out who won soon.. But first..


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SeekingThrill - 100 points
Snow - 98 points (88 + 10)
Mr. Mendes - 96 points
Chris - 95 points
V For Vendetta - 95 points
Simón - 95 points
Horn.E - 94 points
Equals = - 93 points
fab - 93 points (83 + 10)
Dennis Reynolds - 92 points
Shego - 91 points
Amanda Laura - 80 points
Billie Frank - 78 points (68 + 10)
Lynk - 76 points
Mario Spears - 60 points (55 + 5)



I will take this as a personal victory


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THE WINNER IS....   That means in 2nd place we have..  

Let's start with the bottom 7... Thanks for participating!

The people who did really well, but missed the top 5.. Thanks for particpating!

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