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Beyoncé | Renaissance | July 29

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2 hours ago, Carly Rae Jepsen #1 said:

@ajp HDD prediction after 4 days of sales is 200k pure. Our prediction is 300k pure. Still impressive considering she doesn't release a music video and her solo career started in 2003.

Yea, it’s a solid debut week. rav3


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44 minutes ago, Carly Rae Jepsen #1 said:

very solid especially considering that Adele's 30 sold 692k pure first week and Adele is much bigger commercially than Beyonce. 


They sell Adele’s albums at gas stations and Bingo halls gag1

Going forward, Renaissance will outsell 30. rav3


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36 minutes ago, ajp said:

They sell Adele’s albums at gas stations and Bingo halls

30 is definitely a flop for Adele's standard. Pure sales have declined a lot since 2015 and but everyone expected 30 to open with 850k-900k pure copies first week. 692k pure is tragic.

Not only did 30 have a weak opening week, it only doesn't have much longevity on the charts, it left billboard 200 top 100 a few weeks ago.

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Summer Renaissance - 104 spins from 56 stations
Cuff It - 101 spins from 45 stations
Cozy - 82 spins from 76 stations


I feel like these are the obvious single choices, plus Alien Superstar. 

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32 minutes ago, ajp said:

HDD - Final

335,695 -- 197,012  3,580  135,104 

Are these physical only?

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No, because this is really album of the year. Usually I listen to a new album 2 times max and then just save the good songs but with it this one I wanna listen to it in full many times. bey9

There are so many good songs, the favorites always change.

Rn my fav are: Alien Superstar, Cozy, Virgo's Groove, Church Girl 

Weaker filler tracks for me would be: All Up In Your Mind, Heated, America Has Problem 

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