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Coming out at school, then marginalization: the story of Cloe Bianco, the trans teacher who set herself on fire

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Cloe Bianco (foto Facebook via Ansa)




Chloe Bianco had decided that he had to die .

There are very few doubts that the charred corpse found last Saturday in a van set on fire on the side of the regional road between Auronzo and Misurina, in the province of Belluno, is not his. She would have been the one to set the fire in the camper where she lived, tired of the life of marginalization which she had been forced to for some time .


A transgender physics teacher, Cloe Bianco's decline began in 2015, on the day she decided to introduce herself to the students at the "Scarpa-Mattei" Agricultural Institute in San Donà di Piave dressed as a woman . "From now on I will dress as a woman, because that's how I feel at ease." Speech closed, the physics lesson had continued. But he hadn't come to terms with the prejudices and unmotivated anger that his statements would have garnered.

The father of a pupil, who said he was shocked by the teacher's words, wrote directly to the regional councilor for education Elena Donazzan telling about that "carnival". "But really - he added - has the school been reduced like this?".

The school had suspended it and the affair ended in the courtroom : the president of the Venice Labor Court, even if "without wanting to criticize a 'legitimate identity choice', dreamed of by Bianco from the age of 5", established that the suspension three days imposed by the school "was right" because the coming out was not "responsible and fair". Too little time to "prepare" the school for the fact that Professor Luca Bianco became Professor Cloe Bianco.

That defeat was decisive and definitive for her, marking a path away from society caused by the "attempts to annihilate" her person by those around her.


For some years, away from his ex-wife and daughter, Cloe had been living alone in an old camper. He had anticipated the intention of suicide in his blog on June 10 , publishing a will. "Immediately after the publication of this press release I will put in place my autochiria, even more definable as my free death. On this last day I celebrated with a delicious meal and excellent Bacchus nectars, tasting wines and food for the last time that I like. This simple end of my life party was accompanied by listening to good music in my little house on wheels, where I will now stay. same style. Here it all ends. "

The Public Prosecutor's Office of Belluno has now ordered the DNA test to officially ascertain that it is her, but there are basically no doubts.

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What a tragedy. Also quite disgusting that they continue to refer to her as "he" in the article.

https://www.unionesarda.it/en/italy/coming-out-at-school-then-marginalization-the-story-of-cloe-bianco-the-trans-teacher-who-set-herself-on-fire-a7ttj2qu   Chloe Bianco had decided that he h

This happened in Italy, it's really sad knowing this. See what happens when hatred takes over ?

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