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Dua reportedly in talks to play Zatanna in new DC movie

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Hype is building from the recent rumors of pop star Dua Lipa being cast as the DC sorceress Zatanna. 

The future of the DC Extended Universe is still under construction and it seems they already have close plans for projects after the premiere of “The Flash”. The first of these would be the film “Zatanna”, which would have as protagonist the singer Dua Lipa according to new rumors.

According to insider Deuxmoi, who was the first to claim that for ‘Joker 2’, Lady Gaga would be tasked with playing a new Harley Quinn, claims that Dua Lipa is in talks to star in a DC Comics movie although there has been no confirmation from Warner Bros. The rumor was further confirmed by well-known movie leaker, Daniel RPK.

The card of Dua Lipa in Washington could be from Zatanna according to reports, a character who in the comics was one of Constantine’s novels and who also was part of “The Justice League”, being the second woman, after Wonder Woman, to be part of the kit.

In the comics, Zatanna is a superhero and a wizard, cataloged as one of DC’s most prominent and powerful female characters. And according to reports, the film with Dua Lipa could arrive directly on the HBO Max platform, or in theaters, as planned for ‘Batgirl’.

A huge starring role in a DC movie like Zatanna could definitely help to kick off Dua Lipa’s acting career. She’s already taken over the pop airwaves, so Hollywood definitely seems like a good next step.


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