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Brooklyn Beckham films himself making homemade pizza - but fans think it looks 'undercooked'

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Brooklyn Beckham has been cooking up a storm in the kitchen again – but not everyone is impressed.

The aspiring chef posted a video of himself making a homemade pizza to his Instagram account.

Sharing the recipe with his 14.3 million followers, the 23-year-old began by making his own dough from scratch.

Another clip shows him preparing the tomato sauce for the base and frying up some mushrooms for the topping.

He then added mozzarella cheese and what looked like garlic before popping it in the oven.

Once ready, Brooklyn sprinkled over some fresh basil leaves before filming himself tucking into his ‘fresh pizza’.

Fans blasted his efforts with one calling it “undercooked”, while another said: “The poorest looking pizza I’ve seen in my life”.

Another questioned: “Is your base sauce seriously tinned tomatoes and raw garlic?”

“Just not a cook, not a chef. Plus, way too much crust on that dough with canned tomatoes on it,” a third chimed in.

“Just. Stop,” said a fourth, while a fifth added: “Don’t quit your day job.”

Others leapt to Brooklyn’s defence with one saying: “Canned tomatoes is the way to go. I don’t know a single Italian chef that doesn’t use them.”

“He’s cooking for everyone! Ingredients not expensive and that’s a plus surely. You’d likely moan if he used expensive ingredients. The lad can’t win,” another social media user wrote.

Praising his efforts, a third commented: “This just made me so hungry for pizza.”

Calling for more videos to be uploaded, a fourth added: “You should make an Instagram just for your recipes and share the recipes too!”



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Uhm, just looked for the sake of it cause I'm Italian and it looks like a decently okay pizza to me, not even half as bad as some comments say... wtf do they think pizza is supposed to look like? jj4

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Why are people making such a big deal about homemade pizza?    Many countries don't make Italian version of pizza. The haters are dragging Brooklyn for the sake of it.

Why is there even a news article about this  

"Brooklyn Beckham Films Himself"... oh the disappointment when I read the rest of the title. 

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