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Britney bodyshames Xtina and her dancers

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1 minute ago, Chris said:

i would think Britney is against having a therapist for the moment because her dad appointed her a 'therapist' which likely traumatized her true1 

her words were nowhere near as innocent as most die-hard fans call it,i think it just seems like she has to re-learn how (today's) society functions in public since she couldnt leave her house or go online on her own accord for a decade. i'd think her mind still thinks society online still functions like it did in 2006/2007. shrug1 

the audio of Britney talking to the judge from the court room sounded pretty coherent to me shrug1 

on the other hand, she was p angry too so i think it may be understandable if someone is angry enough to be unable to express all of their thoughts completely. especially on a time restraint within a court room.



is there anything i need to clarify on for my point of view here? i mean none of us were involved with the events that are now unfolding within recent year(s) so we dont have all the details yet ari7 

I should have said can't write a proper sentence (other than Everytime!!!!1!) brit15

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1 hour ago, harry said:

I should have said can't write a proper sentence (other than Everytime!!!!1!) brit15

tbh Everytime is not as big as people make it out to be brit15 

its a good song, just not the best songwriting in the world jj2 

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