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Taylor is reportedly re-recording 'Reputation' now; will feature Drake collab

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Taylor Swift and Drake’s five-year-old collaboration may finally see the light of day.

Back in 2017, the two reportedly recorded a song for Taylor’s album Reputation, but it didn’t make the cut because it was said to be a diss aimed at their mutual enemies, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. According to The Sun, Drake and Taylor Swift had a secret recording session last 2017 for a supposed massive collaboration.

However, the track did not see the finish line as she and Drake had some reservations about releasing the song. A source close to Taylor revealed that the song was shelved because it was deemed "too direct" to Kanye West, which whom both artists had beef at the time.

Swift has been re-recording her old albums and re-releasing them with never-before-heard tracks from the vault, and she has reportedly decided to add the Drake collab to Reputation. “Taylor has pivoted her focus to re-recording Reputation and she has come across this song she made with Drake, which never saw the light of day,” said a source.

“She knows that everyone is going to think it is about Kimye because it was her row with them which inspired a lot of Reputation. But this one is far more direct than the other songs, which was why they didn’t decide to release it in the first place.”

The song was recorded amid Taylor and Drake’s beef with Kanye. Drake and Ye have since reconciled. “It’s no secret that both Taylor and Drake have had tumultuous relationships with Kanye, so they didn’t hold back when it came to recording,” added the source. 

The Reputation re-release is not expected to arrive until next year. First, Swift is set to release her new album Midnights on Oct. 21.


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6 hours ago, Darth Sidious said:

Thank god. 

I love that album, and I refuse to willingly line Scott Braun’s pockets, and if I have to, I want to do it as little as possible. 


Scott Braun doesn't even own TS's Masters anymore, so it literally has zero effect on him. 

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19 hours ago, temes said:

tbh, I'm most interested in her debut album re-recording. That album needs some improved vocals and the difference in her vocals must be pretty significant.

i bet shes waiting on putting that one out last


On 10/2/2022 at 12:16 AM, plutoniano said:

slay but where is Preach Now (Taylor's Version) jay1 

On 10/2/2022 at 12:42 PM, Princess Aurora said:

Where's the 1989 re-recording ? rip4 

both of these albums are on hold due to the lawsuit regarding copyrights on whether or not Shake it Off was ripped off of a song by a no1curr due to the "haters gonna hate, players gonna play" line and the other lawsuit with a telephone company who trademarked Speak Now for their slogan

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Thank god.    I love that album, and I refuse to willingly line Scott Braun’s pockets, and if I have to, I want to do it as little as possible. 

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