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Billie Frank

Madonna comes out as Gay?

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Also idc. She can be whatever she wanna be. 

as for looks and fashion. I think she looks fine. I don’t like her trying to fit in the aesthetic and trends of today’s times though. It doesn’t fit her. 

especially white woman in grills and shit? It just… Doesn’t work.

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1 hour ago, Freaky Prince said:

Okay? And I can post good pics? bebe1


Second and third one still look awful. ny8  As for #1: SURPRISE SURPRISE the power of make-up. lol3 

Point remains: Bleached eyebrows look shit on anyone. Gaga fans are just used to Gaga looking weird/ugly on purpose.

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please she looked like that in a specific second, she looked good in the close-up later, they just focus at the worst part as usual   she looks like a normal 64 years old without makeup, that's h

She has actually had flings with people like Sandra Bernhard and Ingrid Casares (who also appeared in her SEX book).  She has always been quite fluid and not 100% on the right end of the sexualit

Unpetition Bleached eyebrows are ALWAYS ugly. Gaga has been doing it for ages but no one says anything because it seems yall are used to her wearing ugly makeup.

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