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Vote for the new Beyoncé stan badge!

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Since the current is very much outdated, I, as a member of the graphics team, thought it would be a great idea to revamp her stan badge to something new. So I'm here with a few images to vote for! Please leave a comment voting which one is your favorite (since it helps for post counts whit1). 

  1. image.png.6fed15efb5e393bac2d876375a3d3354.png
  2. image.png.a35a19fd7112d14c456dd0319fb305c8.png
  3. image.png.720fd7a9cad727ebb6e03703e598289e.png
  4. image.png.8afee70d839063fad211e6df52066f62.png
  5. image.png.61e8754dc450ad4aaa38ef82c757caf0.png
  6. image.png.5a5edd716e0c8b0403ab8d8630ee8abc.png
  7. image.png.eaae4ce128de45d237d915258d0f6ec6.png
  8. 5l61OcT.png (suggested by @Madonna)
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16 hours ago, Luca said:

1 - III
2 - I
3 - IIII (+1 since it's my favorite too, but i didn't post it in this thread!)
4 - 
5 - I
6 - 
7 - 
8 - III

#3 WON! @Dennis Reynolds do you mind changing the Bey badge to this one? bebe1 



Actually, I voted for 8 too. That's why I suggested it.

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