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Make A Born This Way Era Without...

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Without the title track! 

Let's pretend the title track never existed, how would you rename the album, what would be the single choices, how would the overall era go? I'm not hating on BTW (song) but it'd be interesting to see how the era would've done without it. 

First of all I would rename the album to "ELECTRIC CHAPEL" and this would be the tracklist: 

1. Marry The Night 

2. Judas 

3. Government Hooker 

4. Black Jesus+Amen Fashion 

5. Scheisse 

6. Bloody Mary

7. Highway Unicorn (Road 2 Love)

8. Heavy Metal Lover 

9. Electric Chapel 

10. You And I

11. The Edge of Glory 


In this album Gaga explores the concept of right and wrong, dark and light, and how religion has shaped the western world and art, and how it has inspired her as an artist. She mixes religious imagery with her club beats and demands a new view of religion through the lens of a celebrity, who people worship as Gods.  


1. Marry The Night- On December 31st, 2010, pop star Lady Gaga releases her anticipated lead single"Marry The Night" from her upcoming album, "ELECTRIC CHAPEL". The song rises to the top of the charts in many countries and hits number one in the USA almost instantly. The MV is released on January 21, 2011 and is a 10 minute epic video of Gaga embracing her past represented by skeleton dancers and blowing up cars in the rain as she and her dancers take siege of NYC. Her first public performance of the track is at the Grammys that ensures the song stays at #1 for more than a month.

2. Judas- after the album is released on March 21st, 2011, critics and fans alike demand the release of "Judas", a club banger that reminiscent of her past hits but with a religious and deranged twist. Of course it was always going to be the 2nd single and is released in early April 2011. The MV is released on April 19 to the anger of some people and Gaga doesn't perform the song until late April and all of May. It peaks at number 4 in the US and is a smash hit through all of Europe and Latin America.


3. The Edge of Glory- Gaga tones it down during the summer of 2011 and releases the dance pop ballad " The Edge of Glory" in honor of people whom she loved but had sadly passed on to another realm. The video is released around the same time the track is released in July and shows Gaga dancing around the Brooklyn bridge, just her alone and looking at the sky as she sees meteorites flying in the distance. The track is performed at the VMA'S to great applause and the track peaks at number 1 for two weeks. 

4. You And I  (remix)ft. Bruno Mars- On September 2011, Gaga confirms she will colaborate with a popular singer for her next single. In October she confirms it is Bruno Mars and the single is "You And I". Although Mars doesn't appear in the MV, he and Gaga perform the song live on two occasions to the excitement and applause of most. The track instantly becomes popular and peaks at number 6 in the US on December 2011,  although it is a moderate hit everywhere else.

Gaga and team decide to wrap up the era and embark on the "Road 2 Love Tour"  through all of 2012. Her subsequent album is scheduled to drop in early 2013...


Thoughts? How would your era go?





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