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On 2/15/2023 at 2:45 PM, Urbi said:

I still think to avoid scalpers they should sell name tickets lol. Let’s face it - there are only two types of people who buy tickets: those who actually want to go and those who want to resell for a higher price. Name tickets would stop the latter it’s such an easy fix

This is probably a stupid question, but what are name tickets? aura1 

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1 hour ago, Urbi said:

Name tickets are tickets that have a name on it therefore they’re not subjected to resell as ticket holders need to have an ID with it too. A rather popular thing in Europe especially for bigger events like music festivals.



seems like a good idea to me! rav2


I’ll take anything that will destroy the scalpers/resellers. fall3

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1 hour ago, Urbi said:

@plutoniano how do you feel about the rumours that she’s coming to SA

Better be true, my savings account is waiting for her ass. Tho if she's skipping Flopgentina it's over cause I cant afford accomodation AND travel AND tickets if I have to travel to Brazil or Chile dead2 

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Okay can we have the videos now?

There were definitely two.. I think this may be why there's only one shown now:  

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