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HDD: Midnights 1.4-1.6 Million Units Sold

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Taylor Swift’s Midnights (Republic) is headed for a huge bow. A full-week total in the 1.4m-1.6m range makes Midnights the first album to debut at or past the million mark in the post-bundling era.

This will be Tay's fifth album to debut north of 1m. Full-week streaming projections are now close to 500m and could increase thanks to her 3AM version of Midnights, which includes seven tracks that are unavailable on any of the set's physical versions.

The album has already destroyed the one-week vinyl sales record that Harry Styles set earlier this year. In only its first two days of release, Midnights is fast approaching 500k in vinyl albums alone. That more than doubles the 182k of Styles’ Harry’s House (Columbia) in May.


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The fascination with vinyl escapes me, but wow — that’s extremely impressive, I would wager that’s the highest vinyl number of any album in decades. 

As to that number, it’s less surprising. She and Adele are the last artists that can probably do something like this if everything aligns perfectly. 

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It's a good album, but I don't understand its success... no lead single, not that much hype outside Taylor's own fanbase. Well, of course her fanbase it's nowadays larger, because she got lots of new fans with Folklore.

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I'm honestly shocked that this album destroyed Adele's '30' 1st week numbers   

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