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Shawn Mendes reportedly dating his 50-year old chiropractor

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It seems Shawn Mendes is ready to find love again.

The 24-year-old singer has been spotted multiple times with Dr Jocelyne Miranda, amid rumors of a new romance between the 50-year-old celebrity chiropractor and the singer. A photo of the rumored couple, which was posted by fans on Reddit, showed Mendes and Miranda walking arm-in-arm together.

Mendes and Miranda, who reportedly have a 26-year age difference between them, were also seen earlier this month shopping for groceries together at an Erewhon market in Los Angeles.


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4 hours ago, Dennis Reynolds said:

He had his chance, I’m Beetlejuicing him bebe1 @Mr. Mendes @Mr. Mendes @Mr. Mendes

JFKWKDD Okay here’s my response 

I genuinely, truly doubt it. 

She is a chiropractor for many celebrities and she is known to keep and maintain close personal relationships with all of them. This isn’t a unique dynamic. 

If I’m wrong, I’m wrong, but I don’t see it at this stage. One visit out to a market together doesn’t turn this into a relationship. He’s been out and about with many females as of late, not sure why she’s the only one fueling speculation. 

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The comments...    Gheys are being disgusted, but they would ride that sugar daddy disco stick.  Hypocrisy.   

You know who you are; am I gonna have to summon you with a tag or are you gonna comment on this on your own?  


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