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FOTP's Song Contest S2: Round 5 Posted (Pg.22)

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Welcome to the second season of FOTP's Song Contest


After a successful first season, We are back! And now this time with a few changes



It's very simple! Every round, you have to send a song based on the specifications I will give you. After you submit your song, I will create a Spotify playlist with all the songs together. You will have to listen to all the songs, post your critiques, and then you will MUST send your rankings based on your preferences.

This time around, we will use a system based on points instead of averages like last season. So the contestant with the highest points will win the round, and the 3 contestants with the 3 lowest scores will be at risk of being eliminated. The winner of the round will have to choose who they want to eliminate 



1. You can only choose the same artist ONCE

2. If two participants send the same song, the first who send it is going to get it

3. You submit your song and send your rankings via PM

4. If your song is not available on Spotify, please provide a Youtube link.

5. You will have 1-2 days to submit your song and 2-3 days to post your critiques and send rankings (If everyone sends before the deadline, I will post the entries/results early.)

7. If an artist is used 3 times, you can not use them for the rest of the season

8. The winner of every round will have the privilege of eliminate two/one of the contestants who are in danger


Have fun!

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1 hour ago, hector said:

so we have to send only one song from one artist?


1 hour ago, Chris said:

when do we start? demi1 

I need 20 participants at least to start demi1

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20 hours ago, Verona said:

The winner of the round will have to choose who they want to eliminate

i still think the bottom 3 shouldn't be fully revealed btw! just post the bottom songs but without the contestants names! lotus1 it makes the elimination process more fair and less biased!


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