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FOTP's Song Contest S2: Winner Revealed (Pg.76)

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6 hours ago, Gabe. said:

me ranking fifth in number of points hope @StrippedX is somewhere choking in his own vomit while listening to lotus ari3

Placements don’t lie ari2

Anyways congrats top 3 and thanks for this incredible season ari3

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9 hours ago, Verona said:

Yes!! Just next time, please don't send demos tay10

I truly only used it cos I couldn't find the explicit album version on YouTube and I couldn't exactly post the download to it on FOTP tay2

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16 hours ago, Verona said:

Final Leaderboard Updated!

1. Kristina - 1799 points

2. Jae -  1752 points

3. max - 1858 points

4. Snow - 1583 points

5. Stripped X - 1448 points

6. Gabe - 1475 points

 7. Simón - 1382 points

8. Shego - 939 points

9. Equals - 743 points

10. Chris - 688 points

11. Kylie - 627.5 points

12. Billie Frank - 403 points

13. Mario Spears - 381 points

14. GlenCoco - 339 points

15. Pink Wig - 60 points

16. Hector - 53 points

17. Love Sux/Flux - 52.5 points

18. Amanda Laura - 118 points

Interesting. sass1


Congrats everyone on a great season and thanks for hosting again, king! It was great fun. clap3 

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