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The Perfect Mariah Carey Studio Albums Ranking Ranked :)

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First of all I'm still going through her discography. I try to save as much as possible. So Me I Am and Caution won't be included (really looking forward to listen to Caution tho :D I know it'll be great) I also won't include her Christmas, Soundtrack, Greatest Hits and live albums. Enjoy!


10. E=MC2

Bops all over this album with unfortunately little to no replay value. And who's idea was it to make ''Bye Bye'' the second fucking single?!?!?!?!

Faves: I'm That Chick, Touch My Body, Cruise Control, I'll Be Lovin' U


9. Memoirs

A big step up from E=MC2 in my opinion. This is way more R&B and her vocals shine a lot more! Still falls flat at some points.

Faves: Candy Bling, Angels Cry, Ribbon, It's A Wrap


8. Boring Box

The only reason that this album is this high on this list is because the few tracks that I love from this album are top tier and her vocals are great. The album has generic ballads and sounds very of it's time.                       The lyrics on this album are the cheesiest in her entire catalogue.

Faves: Everything Fades Away (let's pretend this did make the US cut), Anytime You Need A Friend, Now That I Know, Without You


7. Rainbow

An ode to the gays. This album cover is her best for sure and the rainbow on her behind is giving life. Just like Music Box this album has amazing highlights but the rest is just generic r&b. Despite having some of her greatest tracks in her career, as a whole; this album doesn't feel complete and feels more like a playlist. I'm also not a big fan of Dianne Warren's songwriting.

Faves: Crybaby, Bliss, Heartbreaker Remix, Petals, Thank God I Found You (Make it last forever) Remix, X-Girlfriend (Anthem)


6. Emancipation

Don't hate me but this album as a whole is a bit overrated. Just like Rainbow this album feels more like a playlist instead of a full body of work. This playlist has AMAZING, career defining songs tho, but has a few skips for me. Just a few songs sound a bit generic and rushed for me. But the rest is game changing and career destroying!! Never count out a legend like Mariah.

Faves: Stay The Night, Say Something, Fly Like A Bird, Mine Again, Circles, Shake It Off, It's Like That, We Belong Together 


5. Charmbracelet

Gorgeous, calming, vibey, personal, sexy, experimental and consistent is the way to describe this record. It's a typical Mariah album with a lot of references to her old songs without sounding like a straight up knock off (sorry After Tonight). The songs on this record all sound like ASMR and put me in a chill, calming mood. She showcases a whole other texture of her vocals and proves that she doesn't need to use her full range to make an amazing record. Her whispery vocals could have been a little more held back on some songs like Through The Rain and Saving Grace for example but I've never been a fan of Through The Rain anyway because to me it feels like the song is trying too hard to sound like a Mariah Carey song. But over all a near perfect Y2K r&b record!!

Faves: You Had Your Chance, Subtle Invitation, Clown, Lullaby, Boy (I Need You), Bringing' On The Heartbreak, My Saving Grace, Yours


4. Emotions

This album is in my opinion Mariah's vocal prime, she showcases her full range in songs like So Cold and Emotions while still being danceable. This album has her best dance songs PERIODT! I loveee gospel and soul music and this album serves exactly that!! It's production is minimalistic and funky. Unlike her debut, this album sonically sounds way more timeless because of it's classic production. The album has a perfect mix of dance music and ballads. This album is a nod to legends like Aretha Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald and Stevie Wonder; I mean she even has a full on Jazz Lounge song which is about dying but feels super sexy and experimental (Outside and Looking in wouldn't be here without The Wind). The album is all over the place but still manages to be a consistent listen, naming the album Emotions was a perfect choice!! The only negative thing I have to say is that almost all of the songs sound way better live.

Faves: If It's Over, Emotions, So Cold, To Be Around You, The Wind, So Blessed, Make It Happen, Can't Let Go, And You Don't Remember


3. Mariah Carey

All tough I think the production on this album has aged and sounds very 80's, it works on a lot of the tracks. This album has just a little bit more to offer than emotions and has more variety sonically and vocally. The album feels a bit more dark and personal with songs like Vanishing and Alone In Love. But also has amazing dance anthems like Someday and Prisoner (even back then she was a gay icon). She even shows us a sneak peek of what's to come with butterfly and daydream on the sexy, moody ''Send From Up Above'' which she also shows us a more soft and whispery vocal technique.  This album feels personal, authentic, dark and is an overall classic.

Faves: Alone In Love (such a mood), Vanishing, Send From Up Above, Prisoner, Someday, All In Your Mind, Love Takes Time, Vision Of Love


2. Daydream

What can I say about this record that hasn't already been said. It's a perfect record with perfect vocals, songwriting and production. She doesn't over sing but also doesn't under sing. She's experimenting with her Hip Hop roots on songs like Fantasy and Long Ago (we wouldn't have The Roof if it wasn't for Long Ago). She also manages to have us let a look into her life with songs like I'm Free and Looking In without oversharing or being exploitive. She's finally able to embrace her R&B side on songs like Always Be My Baby  and Melt Away (Still mad Slipping Away didn't make the cut TOMMY!!). She also gives her flowers to Minnie Ripperton (one of her biggest inspirations) on the song Underneath The Stars. She's hinting at the Emotions album on the song Forever with its silky smooth soulful production and delivery. This album contains a lot of her best songwriting, is one of her most personal and expands over multiple genres like pop, r&b, hip hop, soul and gospel. Unfortunately Daydream also consist of some very schmaltzy adult contemporary songs like When I Saw You and One Sweet Day which makes it a second place for me.

Faves: Underneath The Stars, Melt Away, Long Ago, I Am Free, Looking In, Forever, Always Be My Baby, Fantasy, (Slipping Away (In spirit))


1. Butterfly

Her Magnum Opus. This is the first record Riah could finally do her thang and she fully delves into the R&B en Hip Hop scene. She's showing us her full on vocal abilities by using her soft whispery vocal style on songs like Fourth Of July and Honey but also proves she can still hit the high notes better than ever before on songs like Outside and My All. By giving us her softer tones she manages to intrigue the listener instead of over powering them with her big as vocals, it sounds like she's luring you into her sad but sexy butterfly world. This album is her most personal and intimate album in her catalogue. The way this album floats from one song to the other is mind blowing. It's a perfect album from start to finish and every song compliments each other. Listen to this album from front to back and I guarantee you there'll be no skips (except for the Beautiful Ones). There's so much to talk about on this album that I can't even wrap my head around it. Every song is consistent in sound but has still a lot of variety, from the Latin infused My All to the House beats on Fly Away (Butterfly Reprise), she gave us everything we needed. Fly Away is such a mis understood jam with her vocal layering and use of whistle tones, the track almost sounds like an instrumental song with the instruments being her voice. The lyrics on this album are on another level, you could just read them like poetry and still be moved by them. Sonically, lyrically, vocally and creatively this is for sureeeee Mariah's best!

Faves: My All, The Roof, Outside, Breakdown, Fly Away (Butterfly Reprise), Honey, Fourth of July, Close My Eyes, Babydoll

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