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Madonna biopic has been put on hold

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The anticipated biopic of music legend Madonna is taking an indefinite holiday. The project, which the icon was going to direct herself, is no longer in development at Universal Pictures, multiple sources told Variety.

Speculation over the fate of the movie began instantly after Madonna announced a career-spanning world tour last week — one that sold out shows in New York, London, Paris and other cities in minutes. Insiders familiar with Madonna said her sole focus Is the tour, but she remains committed to making a film about her life one day.

Representatives for Madonna, Garner and Universal Pictures declined to comment on the matter.

While announced in 2020, development on the film lingered on through the end of 2022. Madonna worked on two script drafts encompassing large periods of her creative and personal life. An earlier version was written with Oscar winner Diablo Cody (their writing sessions were disseminated wide on social media). Erin Cressida Wilson (“Secretary,” “The Girl on the Train”) took a second pass. Last June, Variety broke the news that Emmy and Golden Globe winner Garner had won the role of the pop icon. It followed a grueling weekslong bake-off among a group of young actors (including Florence Pugh, “Euphoria” star Alexa Demie, Odessa Young and Bebe Rexha) who attended singing and dancing bootcamp.


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I mean, I think it would have been interesting to see it, and learn more of her early years and what's her perspective of everything is. I mean, we have have stories from everyone else but she herself hasn't really talked that much about the beginnings of her career and stuff. 

But, on other hand, as said above, it's probably for the best. Idk, I just have this feeling it would have been a huge mess especially with her being the director

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Tbh i don't really care for it but maybe they decided to postpone it after tour as the tour itself seems like WB trying to put her back on peoples mind that there is more to Madonna than silly insta face edits and creepy tik toks that she also has legacy behind her.

I mean she always was very loud on not wanting to do ever GH Tour or Residency so it seems for me that it was rather label idea to help them sell Madonna to public again same as do it as some kind of promo event before the albums re release party begins

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Well… it’s probably for the best anyway 


Not scrapped, but put on hold. Once the tour finishes, they can come back to this project. Also, an M movie is gonna happen with or without her, so it better has at least her seal of approve whil

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