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Ava Max frustrated by Gaga comparisons: 'You just can't win!'

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Ava Max Feels Annoyed by Lady GaGa Comparison


Leveling up in pop music, as Max has, means enduring plenty of snark and criticism on social media.

“The comments online have been kind of mean,” she admits. “[But] this music is helping so many people, I can never stop. No matter how many haters there are out there, or people who want to bring you down — or people who think I’m a Lady Gaga comparison, which is huuuh-larious.”

That comment has followed her since the beginning of her career, mostly because the two are big-voiced divas who share a love of blond wigs and four-on-the-floor dance anthems. “Who doesn't love Gaga?!” she says. “I can't help that I look like this. I was born the way I was born too! I can’t help that I’m 5-foot-2 as well.”

Her voice grows exasperated. “Like what do they want me to do, dye my hair black?! I did that, and then they started comparing me to Dua! You can’t win.”


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Ava Max has previously said that she thought she'd be compared to Mariah, not Gaga.


Since her smash-hit ‘Sweet But Psycho’ ruled the charts in 2018, she has drawn comparisons to one of pop’s most prolific artists, Lady Gaga. However, in a new interview with SiriusXM Volume, she thought that she would draw comparisons to music legend Mariah Carey instead.

“They only compare women first of all, but I get it. The blonde hair, the pop music, the theatrics, we are both 5’2. I could go on and on. I get it. She is incredible, so it is an honor. Never in a million years would I thought they would compare me to Lady Gaga and then it just started all of a sudden, I was like ‘that’s so cool,’ I thought it was gonna be like, Mariah Carey.”

Max explained that she believed she would be compared to Carey because of the high-note that she hit at the end of ‘Sweet But Psycho.’ However, she feels that was not the comparison people drew and focused on her looks instead.

“They look at women with the look. They don’t hear what you sound like. They see your look, which is not cool. Stop comparing women’s looks.”


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She’s an idiot and entirely up her ass omg.

She should really take it as a compliment, because she doesn’t have shit on Gaga.

Ava Max is like an AI generated popstar using Gaga as a reference point.

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