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Conservatives debut first ever anti-woke transphobic chocolate

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The culture wars took a different turn this week as conservatives attacked a candy bar ad campaign from Hershey's featuring a transgender woman—and then launched a competing chocolate brand labeled with two distinct genders.

That prompted conservative news outlet The Daily Wire to launch a non-"woke" competitor to the world-famous Hershey's candy bar called Jeremy's Chocolates, named for co-CEO Jeremy Boreing. "I love an international woman. But our friends over at Hershey's, they don't even know what a woman is," Boreing says in an ad that garnered more than 1 million views on Twitter in a matter of hours.

"They hired a biological male to be the spokesperson for their Women's Day campaign. And they're calling that campaign — and I swear I'm not making this up: 'Her. She.' ... It's humiliating."

And a Jeremy's Chocolate bar is not cheap, at about $6 apiece for a 1.5 oz bar, with discounts for a pack of 10 or of 24. A 1.55 oz Hershey's bar retails online for $1.24 on Walmart's website.

"We have two kinds: 'SheHer, and 'HeHim.' One of them's got nuts. If you need me to tell you which one it is, keep giving your money to Hershey's," Boreing quips, before directing potential customers to IHateHersheys.com.

The description for their HeHim chocolates reads, "Other chocolate brands make you feel like a shell of a man. Jeremy's HeHim identifies as decadent, satisfying, and contains real nuts. As it should," ... while their SheHer chocolates are described as "Smooth, full-bodied, and naturally nutless."


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It's funny how these people pretend to support women so much that If you ask them to support actual Feminist causes, they'll never do that  

I imagine the most important ingredients are a blow drier, a seaweed net and a toilet bowl at Mar-a-Lago.

they cannot be serious lmfao

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