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Lana Del Rey - White Hot Forever Tour


Act I

Chemtrails Over The Country Club


Tulsa Jesus Freak

Video Games

Let Me Love You Like a Woman


High By The Beach

West Coast

Blue Jeans

Venice Bitch

Act II 

Wild At Heart

Beautiful People Beautiful Problems 

Dance Til We Die

Summer Sadness 

Doin’ Time

Get Free




Off to The Races

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Chemtrails Tour

  1. White Dress
  2. Tulsa Jesus Freak
  3. West Coast
  4. Video Games
  5. Fuck it I love you
  6. Let Me Love You Like A Woman
  7. Bel Air
  8. Wild At Heart
  9. Art Deco
  10. Chemtrails Over The County Club
  11. Dance Till We Die
  12. Yosemite
  13. Love
  14. Looking For America
  15. Dark But Just A Game
  16. Dealer
  17. Young & Beautiful
  18. The greatest
  19. Say Yes To Heaven
  20. For Free
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On 4/22/2023 at 10:19 PM, Chris said:

Lana Del Rey - The Revenge of Lizzy Grant AKA Lana Del Ray Tour

  1. Introduction: White Dress
  2. Queen of the Gas Station
  3. Oh Say Can You See
  4. Jimmy Gnecco
  5. Mashup: Spin Me Round / Ever Man Gets His Wish / Hawaiian Tropic
  6. Jump
  7. Medley: Trash Magic / Mermaid Motel
  8. Medley: Yayo (interlude) / Raise Me Up (Mississippi South)
  9. Get Drunk
  10. Medley: Put Me in a Movie / Brite Lites
  11. Medley: Pretty Baby / Drive By / For K, Part 2
  12. Kill Kill
  13. Pawn Shop Blues
  14. Mashup: Pin Up Galore / Disco
  15. You're Gonna Love Me
  16. Encore Medley: Gramma... / Grandfather...

one word : taste 

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Lana Del Rey - One Night Only (El Rey Theater)

  1. Music To Watch Boys To
  2. Lolita
  3. Carmen
  4. Art Deco
  5. Honeymoon

West Coast (DH Orchestral Mix) - Interlude

  1. Shades Of Cool
  2. Sad Girl
  3. Million Dollar Man
  4. 24
  5. Big Eyes

Burnt Norton - Interlude

  1. Terrence Loves You
  2. Old Money
  3. Young & Beautiful
  4. Bel Air
  5. Once Upon A Dream

Clair de Lune - Interlude

  1. Blue Jeans
  2. Salvatore
  3. Swan Song
  4. Born To Die
  5. Off To The Races

Performed with a full orchestra

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Voltaire Las Vegas Residency 2024

1. White Dress
2. Ultraviolence
3. Tulsa Jesus Freak
4. Norman fucking Rockwell
5. The Grants
6. Cinnamon Girl
7. Summertime Sadness

9. Arcadia
10. Fingertips
11. The Other Woman
12.  Young And Beautiful

13. Chemtrails Over The Country Club
14. Love
15. Video Games

16. A&W
17. The Greatest
18. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
19. Venice Bitch

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Definitely an absolute reach but this was my attempt to create a setlist that would feature some of her classics and a good portion of her last 3 albums as well as the most recent one: Don't Forg

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