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Create Your Own Xtina Setlist

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Create a setlist for any Xtina tour or gig real or imagined. I'll start.

The Bionic Tour

Welcome To The Future Video Intro
1. Bionic
2. Elastic Love
3. Woohoo
4. Genie In A Bottle/Come On Over Baby/The Voice Within

Fashion Show Interlude
5. Glam
6. Desnudate
7. Prima Donna

Girl Power Interlude
8. I Hate Boys
9. Fighter (electrorock remix)
10. My Girls
11. You Are What You Are (Beautiful)

Morning Dessert Interlude
12. Dirrty (slow jam remix)
13. Sex For Breakfast
14. Can't Hold Us Down

My Heart Interlude
15. Lift Me Up
16. Hurt/You Lost Me

Hits Megamix
17. Birds Of Prey
18. Not Myself Tonight
19. Vanity/Keeps Gettin' Better

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Lotus World Tour

Lotus Video Intro
1. Army Of Me
2. Around The World
3. Keeps Gettin' Better
4. Your Body

Samurai Dance Interlude
5. Fighter
6. Circles
7. Cease Fire
8. Light Up The Sky
9. Sing For Me

Cabaret Dance Interlude
10. Red Hot Kinda Love (jazz version)
11. Express
12. Make The World Move (solo version)
13. Show Me How You Burleaque
14. Candyman

Features Video Interlude (Lady Marmalade, Tilt Ya Head Back, Moves Like Jagger, Feel This Moment)
15. Hurt
16. You Lost Me
17. Beautiful
18. What a Girl Wants
19. Let There Be Love


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