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FOTPVision 2023 | Grand Final | Winner announced

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1 minute ago, Kristina said:

I think this one is such a good pop bop tbh, I could see one of the bigger pop girls releasing this true1

who Ava Max? i think she already has true1 

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Just now, Atlantis Princess said:

Not really cuz some songs sound good either way. But the bombastic chorus of this one sound better with headphones and not speakers 

it also just depends on how cheap your speakers are rav3 

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Hello FOTPVision Finalists! Today is the day where the first part of the Grand Final will take place, in this thread! All of the final songs will be "performed"/revealed like in the Semi-Fin

The rest of the scoreboard: 2. Germany - 92 points 3. Spain - 84 points 4. Norway - 69 points 5. Romania - 65 points 6. New Zealand - 56 points 6. Indonesia - 56 points 8. South Korea

Selamat malam, FOTP! This is Indonesia calling. These are the results of the Indonesian vote: 12 points: Sweden 10 points: Romania 8 points: South Korea 7 points: Norwa

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