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Eurovision 2023 Megarate | Top 3: France, Norway, Finland

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On 5/28/2023 at 3:42 PM, fab said:

sorry but this song is sooo corny, why is he whining about "being a soldier" and "firing guns" like pls I was cringing so hard lol3 rih11

and coming from switzerland of all countries dead2

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Just saw this, lol


I'm from Spain and well, "Ea ea" was just a terrible song, the message was obviously not understood, I liked the staging and the instrumental though but the melody was just not it. "Nochentera" should have won but anyway, it's the one being the HIT here, 3 platinums, lol.

Ok I didn't expect Italy so low even though I think it was the most overrated jury vote this year. It did deserve a Top 15 though, maybe Top 10, but not higher than that.

Lol at the ones saying Armenia was bad. Probably the best song both sonically and lyrically and she really did it justice live. To me is the song I'm listening to the most out of these, outside Loreen's.

Also Austria and Czechia, lol they did not deserved a Top 10 at all in my opinion. Other than that, pretty fair ranking.


My Top 5: Armenia, Sweden, Finland, Israel and France.  Norway is close too, definitely deserved a Top 10. I liked Belgium it was my Top 8, I really thought it would end up higher here, surprised.

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Eurovision might be over for this year, but now I wanna see what FOTP thinks.. Which song was the winner of the night for FOTP?   Copy the list below. Rate all of the songs from

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I’ll join. Ready for y’all tasteless rats to give Loreen 0 points out of bitterness but anyway 

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