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FOTP Scattergories 2023 | Round One

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9. An item you save up to buy

Dennis Reynolds - Bentley - 1
Gabe - Bracelets - 1
Max - A big blooming bamboo bush - ummm 2
fab - Balenciaga Boots - 2
Fletch ____ - 0
Kylie - Beach house - 1

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10 minutes ago, Kristina said:

7. A blockbuster movie

Dennis Reynolds - Batman Begins - 1
Gabe - Batman Begins - 1
Max - Bye Bye Birdie - 3
fab - A Beautiful Mind  - 1
Fletch - Back to the Future - 1
Kylie - Bone Daddy - 1


Pls bye bye birdie is not a “blockbuster” ajay1

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1 minute ago, fab said:

Pls bye bye birdie is not a “blockbuster” ajay1

i kinda thought the same so i had to look it up, it was the 8th highest grossing movie of its year so i let that slide! 

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