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Create Your Own Miley Setlist

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This section needs posts, and I think the title is self-explanatory: create a setlist for any Miley tour or gig you want! I'll start.

Endless Summer Vacation Tour

Act I
1. Midnight Sky
2. We Can't Stop
3. Adore You

Act II
4. Rose Colored Lenses
5. Violet Chemistry
6. Plastic Hearts

7. Muddy Feet
8. Wildcard
9. Angels Like You
10. Wrecking Ball (acoustic)
11. Wonder Woman
12. Thousand Miles
13. Slide Away

Act IV
14. Can't Be Tamed
15. Who Owns My Heart
16. Mother's Daughter
17. The Climb

Act V
18. Handstand
19. River
20. Jaded
21. Flowers

22. Party In The USA

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Plastic Hearts Tour

Act I
1. WTF Do I Know
2. Plastic Hearts
3. Gimme What I Want
4. Do My Thang/Can't Be Tamed/Who Owns My Heart

Act II
5. Prisoner
6. Heart Of Glass
7. Never Be Me

8. Zombie
9. Wrecking Ball (acoustic)
10. Hate Me (acoustic)
11. The Climb 

Act IV
12. Adore You
13. Golden G String
14. We Can't Stop/Where Is My Mind?

Act V
15. Bad Karma
16. Night Crawling/Fly On The Wall
17. Party In The USA

Act VI
18. Angels Like You
19. High
20. Midnight Sky/Edge of Seventeen

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