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Unapologetic Bitch

Kylie Minogue | TENSION | August 31, 2023 | 2x CD release + extended mix

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3 hours ago, Unapologetic Bitch said:

I mean she could have release it today on my bday, but sure do it tomorrow I guess kylie2


Happy Birthday! kylie1

As far as the single release…why is she doing this on a Thursday? Does this mean it’s just a promo single? um1


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The cover is a choice (just like the Padam Padam single artwork was)… but she just tweeted about “Confide In Me” and I wonder if the images on the Tension single artwork means a CIM part 2 music video? kylie4

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The video is much better than Padam Padam. But the bedroom set screams Golden era.

Her pink outfit and make up is by far my favorite followed the show girl mini Kylie and the green fairy-esque giant Kylie. My least favorite outfit was the whiteblonde wig and black attire and darker make up as it just was too much and aged her.


The choreography is also cute.


Overall it was a cute video and was very much paying homage to her MVs for Dancing, Giving You Up,  Your Disco Needs You, Confide in Me, Put Yourself In My Place (The control room thing). 

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TENSION Single got 2xCD release - one cd with regular artwork and other with alternate both sold in bundle together or separately


1. Tension
2. Tension [Extended Mix]

I decided to buy it as I bought all single releases from previous albums and decided to add padam padam single cassette as well to complete collection and it seems i bought the last one as its sold out nowjj4

Kylie gurl you should sign it for the last lucky bish tbh kylie3

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She probably has thought of this LBR.   If the duets album will be with Madge, then she should do it.

Hopefully this will also be the case for the full album because she deserves that number 1

Next single the title track from upcoming smash hit album Tension will be out tomorrow     1. Tension 2. Tension [Extended Mix]

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