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Dennis Reynolds

The Top Answer Game - Round IV: Results Show

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Welcome to Round IV of The Top Answer Game!


It will last for roughly an hour. 10 people have sent me their answers for this round, and I will reveal the answers of each question individually, and after every 2 questions, there will also be a bonus question. Whoever first answers the question correctly will have +3 points added to their score.



1. Name the scariest ride at an amusement park

2. Name a fictional character that has been portrayed by multiple people

3. Name something that you believed was real when you were a child

4. Name a breakfast food

5. Name something you would invest in if you could travel 20 years back in time

6. Name something that people put sugar into

7. Name an excuse for being late

8. Name a fable/fairy tale that involves a prince

9. Name a country where it snows a lot

10. Name a word that is overused on FOTP



@Autumn Variations @Chris @Amanda Laura @Shego @Gabe. @fab @Kylie @Kristina @Max @Lynk


Let's begin! brit16 

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Thank you all for coming!  This round went much, much better and I really appreciate so many of you coming  I have to readjust to account for the bonus points but the score for this round will be up s

3. Name something that you believed was real when you were a child Santa Claus / Santa – 9 (Special Answer: Amanda Laura, Shego, Gabe, Max, Kristina) God – 1  


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