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Dennis Reynolds

The Top Answer Game - Round V (Finale): Results Show

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5 minutes ago, Kristina said:

i can't wrap my head around 2 people saying BOILED!! one more than mashed and baked even... the worst way to prepare potatoes

its still a way and you fry potatoes after youve already boiled them

*you boil them before you mash them

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1 minute ago, Gabe. said:

not Romeo 😭😭😭😭 why would yall choose the man over the woman??

because the title is Romeo and Juliet not Juliet and Romeo.

we went with the first name in the title.


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1 minute ago, Dennis Reynolds said:

Kinda shocked by this one dead2 Not one Hamlet, Othello or Macbeth?

Romeo and Juliet is Shakespeare’s most popular play though

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