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FOTP'S Song Contest S3: Round 9 Posted [Pag.38]

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26 minutes ago, Kristina said:

Isn’t it only allowed to use an artist once? shrug1 Not that it matters now anyway, just curious if I remember correctly dead1 

Oop yes brit9 Well he is eliminated anyways !

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1. Kristina

2. Entea




52 minutes ago, Kylie said:

Good luck everyone 

Peeps are lining up to hear my opinions rav2

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10 hours ago, Jae said:

La vita e bella was robbed rih9

period, i was expecting to get good position with this one, like, it's iconique um3

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5 hours ago, Shego said:

Gabe count your days


forgive me king omg. you would have been eliminated anyway for repeating Madonna please no bad blood cry1


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in case anyone is curious of their overall progress so far 

HOW TO PLAY It's very simple! Every round, you have to send a song based on the specifications I will give you. After you submit your song, I will create a Spotify playlist with all the songs tog

Some of these round ideas I came up with I swear  

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