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Beyoncé | COWBOY CARTER | March 29th, 2024

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12 hours ago, Physical said:

what is everyone's opinion on the album??

Act 1 was amazing for me i think I had only one song I would skip, Act 2 i can't barely find a song i don't want to skip jj4

I like Bodyguard, Riiverdance, Jolene

Sweet Honey and Blackbiird are okay

Rest i just can't get into, i will give it few more listens but i don't know its feels bit boring  and feels bit like listening to same song over and over again

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Sweet Honey Buckin’
Ya Ya

II Most Wanted
II Hands II Heaven
Alliigator Tears

Just for Fun
Texas Hold ‘Em
Ameriican Requiem
Levii’s Jeans

16 Carriages


Are these songs? 

My Rose (0:53)
Flamenco (1:40)
Oh Louisiana  (0:52)
Desert Eagle (1:12)


Smoke Hour
Dolly P
Smoke Hour II
The Linda Martell Show

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